We are at the end of January. My question is, have you kept up your resolutions?

Did they last a week?

Are you still doing them?

If so, awesome.

This time of year is the time when all gyms make their year. Not because people start going to the gym, but because people buy gym memberships and intend to go to the gym.

Even if you are a resolution all star, consider this different approach to getting the things you resolve to get.


So what I want you to do, is, make your resolutions for 2018 now. But do it this way.

“I will weigh ten pounds less.”

or “I will have 22 inch biceps.”

or “I will have/find the relationship of my dreams.”

So you get the point.

Now you have created you future reality for eleven months from now.

Next, start planning out the steps from January 1, 2018.

i.e. I am going to have the relationship of my dreams.

Now since I know that is the case on January 1, then I certainly will have to have met my person and be in love by December 1st.

And I would certainly have to have met the person before November 1.

And so on for all of the other months October, September, August and so on.

By the time you get back to today, you have a very easy and small set of tasks to accomplish each day/week/month.

I highly recommend that you capture all of this in some kind of calendar system. Make sure to set alarms so that you get reminded by your computer/tablet/phone/watch to do the steps it will take to have the things you want.

Once you have established the process, the task in front of you might be as simple as “go to a party and meet people”.

Do this with all of your intended outcomes, and never have to resolve anything again.