Executive Coaching Program

I  accept a small number of clients that meet a certain set of criteria (listed in the right column) for my Executive Coaching Program.

This program is designed for people who wish to create massive change in their lives and wish to do so as rapidly as possible.

You have most likely accomplished a great deal for yourself. Here is where you take your life to amazing.

If any of this sounds like a match for who you are (or would like to be) use my contact form to set up a call where we can discuss the details.

This is what I will deliver to you:

Committed, powerful coaching. No small talk, the entire call will be focussed and dedicated to moving you forward with your milestones.

Accountability, I will hold you to your promises and milestones, even when you wish I wouldn’t.

Radical change in your life.

Tools and strategies for you to succeed with your milestones. (many you have never heard before)

24/6 access via text and email. (I reserve Sunday for me, but can be reached in an emergency)

Realization of your dreams, even the ones you may have given up.

I will show you how to enjoy/realize your massive success and retain your humanity and compassion.

We will incorporate your greatest passions into your daily life.

We will reduce stress and the impact it has on you.

You will learn how to accomplish twice as much in 2/3 the time.

You will become a wildly more effective communicator.

You will enhance your negotiations at the highest levels.

You will learn how to be more powerful with “NO”.

You will learn how to be more effective with “YES”.

You can find tranquillity, passion, inspiration, motivation, freedom in any aspect of your life. And all of these things.

You can have anything you want.

Participant Criteria:

Must have a weekly call with me of either 30, 45 or 60 minutes. (your choice)

Must have a defined set of milestones to measure the progress of your coaching. (we can create these together)

You must be willing to put in some time to accomplish your outcomes each week.

You need to have accomplished some level of financial freedom.

You need to be concerned about your passions, purpose and direction.

You should be willing to suspend being right some of the time.

You must be open to radically new ideas.

You must embrace change as a content in your life.

Clients who typically opt for this program include:

  • Business Executives
  • Professional Athletes
  • Professional Actors
  • Entrepreneurs

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