My Coaching Style

  • I Combine – Advice – Consulting – Mentorship – Training – Accountability

  • Direct and Powerful

  • External Observer

  • I Integrate:



Quantum Physics/Mechanics




Some of the Areas In Which I Coach

Whether you wish to start-up a new business venture or make the one you have successful and increase profits, we can work together to accomplish everything you wish.
Corporate culture, financial strategies, truly any aspect of business that makes business work.
We can even create happiness in your daily work world.
Every Human endeavor has room for elevated performance.
Together we have all of the tools and strategies to elevate your game in every area.
From your profession to your parenting, from your weight to your wisdom and even from your sports to your spirituality your coach can see the movements and blockages to achieving your peak performance.
We come into this life for a reason. We come to learn, experience and grow.
Life flows more freely for those who are wandering through life in the direction they are intended to follow.
We can do work to discover your path and train to keep you on it.
We can also work with tools to have the Universe working with you to grow and expand this life you are in.
Perhaps your desire runs to helping people. Specifically providing them guidance and tools to expand their lives.
You and I can work together to train you in being an extraordinary coach for peoples lives.
There is a difference between standing in front of people and talking, and moving a group of people in a particular direction.
There are several tricks and techniques to effective public speaking. There are also ways to evolve yourself to be effective in any communication situation.
If we look honestly at the motivation behind almost every thing we do, it is happiness.
It is our constitutional right to pursue it. I drives all of our actions.
What if WE could determine when and what makes us happy?
Together, you and I can accomplish this very outcome.
Maybe you would like to be happy whenever you choose…
Death can seem like this horrible, black place that elicits fear and grief.
How we are about death, both for ourselves and for the people we love can alter our very existence.
Together, you and I can navigate death in a powerful and effective way. Whether you are facing your own mortality or that of someone you love.
You can become the most capable salesperson in you company.

You can learn and practice sales that will leave you client feeling heard and served.

Do you want to make more money? Perhaps you wish to keep and grow the money that you have.

We will develop a program and you will learn the habits to accomplish any of your financial goals

What My Clients Say

Just a few words to say what a great experience I had working with Dale. His years of experience and commitment to his coaching are truly evident. I accomplished so much within a short period of time. It has honestly been one of the best things I have done for myself. Going into it I had imagined it would take several months or more to accomplish my goals. One of which was to figure out what I planned on doing with my life. It all came together so quickly that I’m just amazed, but truly grateful I had the opportunity to work with Dale. I can only describe it as AWESOME!!!
“Dale is simply Amazing. I have never met someone with such ease and composure within such an irresistible personality. Dale was, is, my coach and it was evident from the onset that he was someone that could generate remarkable results. I demanded – no, I needed – someone that could stand up to my strong personality and he didn’t disappoint – he delivered on every level and for that I am his biggest fan and am immensely grateful. Dale can be called on to be trusted, accountable, and best of all unreasonable in the face of any challenge.”
I recently engaged Dale to help open my new business. I had all of the excitement and drive to get it going, but I was short on the nuts and bolts of starting and then operating my business venture.
Dale was able, in a very short time, to bring structure and reality to my project. Dale’s years of experience allowed me to walk into my business with my eyes open and confident of my success.
It is clear to me that without Dale’s coaching, my business would never have made it past the idea stage.
I have been coaching with Dale for over two years now, and all I can say is WOW! It has been transformational in all aspects of my life. My business income has tripled, I’ve made huge strides in my personal relationships, and I now live a life that I absolutely love! I can’t wait to see what else Dale helps me to achieve. I know it will be amazing!
Trying to summarize the difference coaching with Dale has made is difficult, because of the profound impact it has made in so many areas of my life. When I first decided to coach with him, I was happy, slowly building my business, had a pretty good relationship with my wife, and was relatively fulfilled. But I was stuck, there was a limit on how happy I let myself be, there were conversations I didn’t even realize I was scared to have, and my level of fulfillment was stagnant. Now everyday I am so ridiculously grateful for my life. My business has doubled, I hired an assistant who is so on board with our vision I pinch myself, my wife and I are so deeply committed and in love we are soon to be parents, my level of happiness is beyond what I ever imagined possible. I know all of this and so much more is because of my choice to coach with Dale.
In order to grow you need to be challenged, and that is exactly what Dale does – he challenges you in every facet of life. I’ve always loved a challenge and yet Dale continues to show me how much MORE I am able to do. At times it is hard, but then I realize how much Dale has helped me move through areas that I really needed to work on and I realize what an amazing opportunity it is to have someone like him who genuinely cares and wants to help you be the best person you can be. Coaching with Dale is the ultimate way to take care of yourself.
It’s been about 1 year now since I started my coaching with Dale Kershner. I think I am in love with it! When I started I was going on a downward emotional and physical spiral into a state of depression. I had a set of goals for myself at the start of my coaching journey with Dale. Here are just some of the hurdles and goals that I have achieved during my time with Dale:

My overall sense of being made a 180 degree turn. At the beginning I was very down all the time which affected everyone around me and now I feel like I have my old self back and can show my true self. I had a lot of physical symptoms and now I can say the majority of those are all gone, which is huge for me! I have changed a lot of bad habits with my diet that I previously had which has impacted the way I feel physically in such a positive way. Relationships in my life have blossomed! I have learned new approaches to the relationships in my life and how to handle all sorts of hurdles that might be thrown my way.

Not to mention how he has gone out of his way to help my family members just because he cares.

In closing, having Dale as my life coach has “CHANGED MY LIFE” !!! He is an amazing human being and words cannot express how very grateful for all that he has done for me and my family!

If you’re not satisfied with your life and are ready to make a change, Dale Kershner is your coach! His methods are effective and produce results quickly. In the short time we have worked together, I have begun enhancing my relationships, changed jobs to one that is perfectly fit for me, eliminated stress and anxiety, purchased a house, and started creating a future far bigger and more exciting than I had ever imagined.
Dale clearly understands who I am and what is important to me, and has dedicated himself to helping me get there. He guides me every step of the way, and is not afraid to call me out on my excuses, or to push me forward when I need it.
If you have a desire to create an exceptional and amazing life, I highly recommend you try experiencing the coaching of Dale Kershner for yourself.